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November 27 - 28, 2018 | Philadelphia, PA


Robert Rose to Lead Keynote at FUSE Enterprise Summit on Branded Content Technology

Content marketing expert Robert Rose will lead the opening keynote at FUSE Enterprise: The Convergence of Technology & Branded Content on May 8-9 in Philadelphia.

Content marketing has come a long way. In a little over a decade, it’s evolved from a nascent marketing practice to a core marketing concern for Fortune 1000 companies that occupies serious attention and significant budgets. And while the awareness of the benefits of branded content has risen up corporate food chain, branded content faces some major challenges in achieving its intended goals. Those challenges are often technological in nature.

Robert Rose, Conference Co-Chair, FUSE Enterprise

During the opening keynote of FUSE Enterprise, chief strategy advisor for the Content Marketing Institute, will address what it will take for brand-side marketers to truly use technology to drive agile, measurable, and effective content marketing strategy that drives business objectives. FUSE Enterprise is an invitation-only summit designed to help enterprise marketers propel their branded content with leading-edge technologies.

Check out the rest of the agenda for FUSE Enterprise here. Complete an inquiry form if you’re interested in attending here.

What’s Branded Content’s Technology Problem?

While content marketing requires nimble action, bringing fresh ideas to market and launching new platforms quickly, marketers often run up against sluggish legacy technology and corporate bureaucracy. Meanwhile, the sheer number of technologies that support branded content is staggering and makes integration difficult.

As a result, marketers are hampered in their ability to be agile (a key component to effective content marketing) and are stunted by analysis paralysis when considering the wide palette of branded content technologies.

Rose will explore what kind of organizational and mind-set changes are needed for companies to power their branded content with technology. For example, marketers need to change their mindset when it comes to adopting content tools and platforms. “Marketers need to understand that today’s content platform buy is yesterday’s media buy,” says Rose. In other words marketers need to move fast in evaluating and adopting technology and realize those investments are money well spent if tied to driving marketing KPIs.

Marketing leads and enterprise IT leads also need to come together to find a solution that brings the shadow marketing tech stacks into the light.

The FUSE Enterprise summit is designed so attendees can explore branded content technologies among a highly qualified group of senior-level marketers. During boardroom case studies and 1-to-1 meetings, attendees will assess branded content solutions in a fun, business development environment. FUSE is a free, all-inclusive experience for qualified attendees — senior-level decision makers leading strategy and buying decisions around the technology that supports branded content. Apply to attend here.

Who’s behind FUSE Enterprise?

FUSE Enterprise is produced by Publishing Executive. With a long history of providing the most reliable insight and analysis on the publishing and media industry, Publishing Executive understands the challenges of producing and optimizing content in order to meet key business objectives and the crucial importance of agile and intelligent adoption of technology.