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November 27 - 28, 2018 | Philadelphia, PA


Learn How Vanguard, Red Hat & AMA Are Driving New Business With Content & Data Technologies

FUSE Enterprise is a VIP exec summit taking place November 27-28 in Philadelphia and will explore how new technology is empowering branded content strategies.

One of the biggest challenges brand marketers face today is how to develop content that drives real results for their business, whether that’s increasing engaged time on site, capturing emails signups, or converting new customers. Increasingly, marketers are turning to data analytics to better understand what type of content is resonating with consumers. In addition to these insights, marketers need tech that allow them to quickly react to what the data is telling them and adapt content strategy in real time.

These are some of to topics marketing leaders at FUSE Enterprise: The Convergence of Content & Technology will tackle on November 27-28 in Philadelphia. Marketing professionals from Vanguard, the American Medical Association, and Red Het will present case studies during the “Marketer Spotlights.” They will discuss how their organizations implemented data and content technologies in order to grow audience and increase revenue.

At Vanguard, digital marketing strategist Allen Plummer is using data analytics tools to audit branded content and discover what drives the financial institution’s most successful pieces. Plummer will explain to FUSE Enterprise attendees how his team has implemented new tools like Adobe Analytics to pinpoint Vanguard’s most successful content and evolve the overall content strategy.

American Medical Association (AMA) director of digital standards Brande Martin will discuss how AMA implemented a new content management system (CMS) so that marketers could develop content pages and adjust page design quickly. She’ll share how that newfound speed and flexibility allows AMA to react to market changes and better engage its audience.

Finally, Nicholas Heling, the marketing content specialist at Red Hat will explain how the software provider developed an agile content development process. That process allows marketers at Red Hat to create new content fast and optimize that content based on data insights. That speed has allowed Red Hat to work more efficiently and expand into new markets.

FUSE Enterprise will also feature marketing innovators like Robert Rose, chief strategy officer at the Content Marketing Institute and data analytics expert Bay Arinze, Ph.D, professor of management information systems at Drexel LeBow College of Business. View the full agenda here.

FUSE Enterprise is free to attend for marketing executives. See if you qualify to attend here.