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November 27 - 28, 2018 | Philadelphia, PA


Why Content Analytics Matter for Data-Savvy Brands

Brands are embracing the role of publisher because they’ve realized that content is one of the most effective ways to engage prospects, learn about their needs, and nurture them towards a conversion. As brands commit to becoming content creators, they must also adopt the tools publishers use to drive success. Critical to executing an effective content strategy are data analytics. Analytics allow brands to see how consumers discover their content, what content is driving key metrics, and where new conversion opportunities lie.

At FUSE Enterprise: The Convergence of Branded Content & Technology, hosted in Philadelphia on November 27 – 28,  marketing leaders will discuss how analytics guide branded content strategies and what metrics indicate success. During the “Content Analytics Roundtable: What Metrics Matter?” FUSE conference co-chair Ginger Conlin, co-founder and CEO of Sashin Kamdar, and a senior marketing executive will explore how brands can develop a successful content analytics strategy. Publishing Executive editor-in-chief Denis Wilson will moderate the roundtable discussion.

During this session, speakers will explore findings from’s recent report on how 270 brands, publishers, and agencies use content analytics. The report reveals what metrics these companies consider most useful, how data insights impact their content strategy, and how data access in their organization impacts content.

Attendees will also be able to weigh in on the key questions from the report and share what metrics they track as well as how they are driving data literacy across teams.

Tracking and understanding one’s data is just the first step. With a strong data foundation, brands can develop more compelling content for consumers and realize the promises of personalization and predictive analytics. With these tools in hand, brands can revolutionize how they attract customers, and ultimately, drive greater revenue.

Learn more about the free, invite-only FUSE summit here and see if you qualify to attend.