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November 27 - 28, 2018 | Philadelphia, PA


Learn How Vanguard, Red Hat & AMA Are Driving New Business With Content & Data Technologies

One of the biggest challenges brand marketers face today is how to develop content that drives real results for their business, whether that’s increasing engaged time on site, capturing emails signups, or converting new customers. Increasingly, marketers are turning to data analytics to better understand what type of content is resonating with consumers. In addition […]

Personalization Is the Next Step in Email Marketing

Although it may seem old school alongside technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality, email has remained an invaluable tool for marketers. Email is one of the best ways for marketers to nurture valuable relationships with consumers and drive them back to their websites. Email has survived the transition to mobile screens, and in fact, […]

Attention C-Suite: Well-Crafted Digital Experiences Aren’t Cheap

I spend a lot of my time working with marketers and the technology they are using to create compelling digital experiences. In many cases, businesses still operate in a world where digital is considered the “other thing.” It’s that cheaper thing that we’ll do when more traditional means of adding customer value become too hard […]

The One Thing You Need to Choose the Right Content Technology

“Really? Start with strategy, not technology.” That was the epiphany from an attendee I overheard during a conference on CRM technology a few years ago. With a heavy sigh of relief, he added, “That makes so much sense.” Not much has changed. Flashy new technologies catch our eye—as they should—but sometimes they become the proverbial […]

Branded Content & The Shadow Marketing Tech Stack

If branded content is a car, it should be a dune buggy, not a Cadillac. Content marketers need to be super agile — able to stand up a blog, digital magazine, or microsite in short order — to respond to what’s going on in the world and experiment with ideas without huge investments and long […]